For our first projects, we wanted to start with something really simple. There’s nothing inherently wrong with displaying your pins on cork board–it’s decently sturdy and seems to be the default go-to for pin collections, but sometimes it’s kind of difficult to see your pins against the cork! Adding a simple piece of dark-colored felt to your corkboard and then re-applying your pins can really make the pins POP!

You can see the video of this project here:

For this project, we used:

1) Remove your pins from the corkboard and remove the corkboard from its frame, if already framed.

2) Place your felt on the now-blank corkboard and mark where you’ll cut it to size, then snip snip away!

3) Apply a generous-enough amount of glue so that your felt will stick to the corkboard but not enough that you’ll have bubbles in the felt when it’s all said and done. Let the glue dry before continuing.

4) Once the glue has dried, place your freshly-felted corkboard back in its frame, secure the back of the frame to hold the corkboard in place, and re-apply your pins. Voila! Now the rainbow of colors on your pins will truly shine against this dark backdrop!

A Pinboard with Character

Do you have a character that you absolutely love? Display their pins on a board that reflects them! For this project, we used*:

* Note that we had originally intended to use the foam instead of the cardboard we ended up using in the video, but the frame was not deep enough. 😦

1) Place a fine layer of glue on your backing (corkboard, foam, etc.) and then place the felt. Allow it to dry.

2) Place the backing into the frame and secure it.

3) Use the mounting putty on the back of your postcard and secure it to the felt*.

4) Place your pins in the remaining space and…poof! A pin board filled with imaaaaagination!